Masjid Al Salaam 
About Us...

For over a decade our Masjid was located in a small strip-mall with no more than 1200 square feet space for praying.  Within the strip-mall, the Masjid was surrounded by a restaurant and night-club where dancing was their way of life and alcohol was their pride.  There was no place to park, and the building had a leaky roof where the rain collected right on the carpet.

Some members of the community stumbled on a church for sale and realized the great value and potential it had to offer the Islamic community of North Pinellas.
The church was leased for two months; while the community and Board Members worked hard to raise the funds to purchase the building and property.

As of September 2011, Masjid Al Salaam, a 5,500 square foot facility, nestled on approximately two acres of land, officially opened its doors to worshippers of the North Pinellas Islamic Community and to the world.  The facility can accomodate over 60 parking spaces, has 6 classrooms for instruction, a prayer area that can host over 200 worshippers, a private and seperate prayer area for the sisters with an independent kitchen, and a hall for future gatherings and lectures.