Masjid Al Salaam
The Islamic Society of North Pinellas is based on the sole domination of Sunna that was established by the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). Sunna is basically the path of worship, behavior, attitude, demeanor, obedience, way of communication and treatment of each Muslim to one another, the way of life and living that was taught and practiced by the prophet. It is the Society’s mission to spread such teaching and unite all Muslims around such path, while inviting the non-Muslim, the curious as well as the skeptical to be exposed, be informed and understand the real Islam through the Qur’an that is based on peace, humility, patience, perseverance and above all respect and equality.​

         Friday Jumma Prayer at 1:30 PM

                 Daily Prayer Times

        Truly, to a happy state shall attain the believers:
        those who humble themselves in their prayer,  and who turn away from all that is frivolous,  and who are intent on inner purity."
                                       Qur'an 23:1-4

(727) 734-1218